C’est Karma

C’est Karma

C’est Karma

April 21,

Concert @
artheater Basement

"C'est Karma" - with these words from her first blog entry, the now 19-year-old artist and activist C'est Karma opened a window into her life and already has quite a story to tell. She started out with a punk band when she was 14, then Karma Catena tried her hand as a street musician playing Green Day and Nirvana covers. When she was late with her little brother's birthday, Karma wrote her first song as a gift and realized it wasn't that hard. That was the birth of C'est Karma.

From their third real concert supporting Milky Chance at the Rockhal, the biggest venue in the country, things developed rapidly. Karma, won the 2018 Luxembourg Music Award for Best Emerging Artist, a year before she released her debut EP 'YELLOW'. When she toured Germany supporting Latvian indie band Carnival Youth with the EP, she received an invitation to their headline show in her hometown.

Karma is politically and socially engaged, including helping organize climate strikes at her school, and is a firm believer that as an artist she needs to use the stage to promote her causes. Thus, for International Women's Day 2020, she released her powerful single 'Girls', an ode to all women. Influenced by her two great idols Björk and Idles, C'est Karma shows her musical evolution - from her songwriting roots to her penchant for electronic soundscapes.

"I see everything that has happened with my music in the context of my personal evolution, as I started with acoustic folk and have now turned to more experimental pop music. Like many rebellious teenagers, I rejected the mainstream, refused to listen to pop music and wanted to belong to the "underground alternative scene." For me, politics and social issues were an important part of music. Since I listened to punk music as a kid and always had a general interest in social and political issues, I never saw mainstream pop music as a reflection of my values. It turned out that I just didn't know the right artists: Today I feel mostly influenced by artists like Charli XCX, Björk or SOPHIE, who talk about feminist issues and are active in the LGBT+ community."

This personal development is noticeable on her latest EP 'Farbfilm' (Nov 2020). It's a statement that leaves no room for questions about Karma's ambitions: To be recognized as a relevant voice among emerging young artists* who want to make a difference. One thing is already certain: this year C'est Karma will continue to tell her story - fluently in 7 languages.

The concert by C'est Karma takes place within the framework of the funding project "c/o pop 2022 musichubgermany " and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.